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cutiekitty's Journal

2 June
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22 year old portlander.
I'm an artist going where life takes me. I am feminist, vegetarian, bisexual, polyamorous, and child-free.

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may your days be filled with light and love!
:), alcohol, ana voog, androgyny, angelina jolie, ankhs, art, avocados, being a rock star, bif naked, bisexuality, bjork, body art, body modification, body piercing, bracelets, breasts, butterflies, candles, clothing, concerts, cosmetics, creativity, crocheting, cuddling, dancing, design, dolls, doodling, drawing, dreads, dykes, e, e e cummings, ecstacy, energy, equality, espresso, experimentation, eyeliner, faeries, fairness, family guy, feminism, fiona apple, fishnets, friends, gays, gemini, girl rock, girls, glitter, hair dye, hats, hello kitty, homosexuality, hoodies, huggling, incense, intelligence, jazz, jewelry, jill cohn, kevin smith movies, kisses, kissing, kittens, knowledge, kurt vonnegut, learning, lesbians, life, light, lipstick lesbians, love, makeup, marilyn monroe, mexican food, monty python, mountain dew, movies, music, night owls, odd numbers, odd people, open minds, p.j. harvey, paganism, painting, partying, piercings, pink, pink leopard print, pink undies, poe, poetry, polyamory, portishead, portland, pot, potatoes, pottery, prime numbers, pussy, queers, questioning, reading, rose mcgowan, roxy, rum and coke, salvador dali, scarves, seattle, self exploration, sex, sexuality, silver, singing, sneaker pimps, soy milk, sparkles, spirals, spirituality, stars, swirls, talking, tarot cards, tattoos, telephones, the simpsons, theatre, thesauruses, thrift stores, toe rings, tofu, transexuals, vanilla coke, veganism, vegetarianism, vodka, warmth, washington, wicca, wigs, women, writing, your mom, zero 7, zucchini